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    DISAAR Natural Collagen Cream / Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Mask 170g


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    Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Mask 170g
     It contains a variety of plant components is an extract of carbonated mask with pomegranate green tea aloe soybeans and other natural extracts to mention, without any chemical additives can also be used in sensitive muscle.


    It’s like magic, like Bubble Mask, apply to the face bubble began to take a few minutes, with the increase in bubble will suck the skin pores deep in dirt and foam super delicate wiping his face super comfortable particularly suitable for large pores, acne, especially at the turn of the spring and summer season, more and more skin oil secretion coarse pores more easily. While excessive secretion of oil prone skin problems such as acne, acne closed, water is also one of the reasons for dry skin pores, so for these issues to be quickly resolved, this mask just to meet these requirements, clean skin , adding a new concept bubble carbonated and carbonated Purifying aerobic mask, go pores can absorb excess oil dirt there, gentle exfoliating pores clean pores blackhead, there makeup effect, washing the face, especially clean permeability pores will shrink inflamed acne also places a lot of swelling, magic and fun


    After cleansing or facial make-up before taking the state with the right amount with a spoon inside the mask evenly to the face, do not apply thick layer slightly thicker than the cream a little thickness on it, painted five minutes or so will start to bubble until the bubble take the time to a maximum of the peak hand massage bubbles a minute or so to fully dissolve the dirt inside the pores with cosmetic rinse with warm water and then rub skin care products can be. Recommendations about 2-3 times a week

    DISAAR Natural Collagen Cream 80G
    Anti-wrinkle, Lift and firm, Moisturize, Brighten complexion, Revitalize skin, Moisturize
    A high quality anti-aging cream with 100% pure collagen. It provides elasticity to the skin, helping the skin to be healthy and youthful.
    Solves skin problems:
    1. Facial relaxation
    2. Fine lines appear
    3. Dry and water shortage
    4. Head up lines
    5. Descree lines
    6. Neckle lines

    Main ingredients:
    1. Collagen
    2. Aloe
    3. Sodium hyaluronate

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    Active Ingredients

    Bubble Mask + Collagen Cream, DISAAR Natural Collagen Cream, Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Mask


    Cream, Mask






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